Zack Woods

Studio Director

If you’ve worked with Gardner, you know how integral Zack is to our team. If not, we hope you’ll get to know him. Zack is a talented Architect with broad experience who oversees our Design team as Studio Director. He’s a wealth of knowledge for all stages of a project, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who can recite dates, square footage, and budgets from memory no matter the year. He juggles a lot of responsibility and still manages to be our go-to office barista (no one makes a better latte than him) after completing his daily e-bike commute. He is a formidable leader, deep thinker, and valuable team player.

We’re fortunate to have two members of the Woods family in the Studio, as Jennifer is also an incredibly talented Project Director and member of our team. When not in the studio, you can find the two of them enjoying time with their son and exploring Oklahoma City.

Professional Licensure

Architect, State of Oklahoma

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