Colony Partners

Project Type

Multi-Phase Residential
Commercial Development


Oklahoma City, OK


74 Units – Rental
1,500 SF – Commercial





The Seven at Page Woodson

A masterplan development expands its residential offering with modern apartments meant to serve an array of incomes.

With the goals of densifying the region and providing development solutions to varied income segments, the Page Woodson Masterplan is a multi-phase project consisting of affordable, market-rate, and senior housing options within Oklahoma City’s urban core. Situated on land acquired from the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority, the project’s master plan seeks to renew the once historic JFK neighborhood, bringing it back to life through a mixture of interconnected public and private spaces, and diversification of density.

Phase 2, known as The Seven at Page Woodson, juxtaposes the historic Douglass Auditorium and prioritizes private courtyard spaces to encourage community interaction. This phase consisted of 14 buildings north of The Douglass, the redeveloped historic high school building, with 80 rental units. The property is named after seven important black historical figures: Inman Page, Zelia Breaux, Ralph Ellison, Henrietta B. Foster, Charlie Christian, F.D. Moon and Abram Ross. A Gardner-designed coffee shop, now known as Culture Coffee, became the first retail tenant for the community.

Gardner’s work on Page Woodson is multi-faceted, with units of varying sizes and layouts, meant to provide a modern, eye-catching complement to the adjacent historic buildings.



Lingo Construction

Landscape Architect



Mel Willis

Gardner Project Team

Project Administrator

Josh Perez

Studio Director

Zack Woods


Jeremy Gardner