Project Type

Single-Family Residence


Oklahoma City, OK


3,150 SF


Interior Design



Price Residence

A modern retreat in the heart of an urban downtown corridor.

Enterprising owners purchased land with the intent to build a home and raise their young family while immersing themselves in all that urban living has to offer. One of the early entries in the market, the Price family wanted to set a tone for a home that could be modern and open to the world, while providing a moment of respite and privacy in the heart of the city.

An entry court nestled beneath the second-floor mass is the initial public-private transition space that leads to the front door and main stair, complete with a private lap pool. The second level is the hub of activity for the family and is separated from the bedrooms located on the highest level. In this living space and throughout the home, white surfaces are humbled by the natural tones of the wood floors and contrasted with dark, charred timber elements. Unobstructed volumes created by the unique structural design further provide openness for the rhythm of everyday life. Large expanses of glass and full-height operable panels at the rooftop terrace allow for activity to flow seamlessly between interior and exterior areas.





Tim Hursley

Gardner Project Team

Project Director

Sara Hanna


Jeremy Gardner