Chiro House

Project Type

Chiropractic Office


Oklahoma City, OK


$50K Construction


1,200 SF


Interior Design



Chiropractic House

A serene space for healing and adjustment, inspired by the human form.

Chiro House presented unique design challenges and opportunities at its new location in Oklahoma City’s vibrant Swanson’s development. The designers were tasked with accommodating a full-scale chiropractic office—including a waiting area, adjustment area, private exam room, and office—in just 760 SF of space. In order to maximize the natural light from the front windows, the room incorporates a partial height partition between the waiting and adjustment spaces.

The half wall offers a degree of privacy, while the delicate wood latticed frame creates a sense of enclosure. The frame, inspired by the human spine, creates an ethereal volume within the office. This solution lends hierarchy to the adjustment area while allowing light to penetrate the innermost rooms. To take advantage of the limited space, custom millwork was designed by the architect and built throughout. A storage bench along the corridor and generous built-ins in the private office and exam room provide compact storage spaces.

To support the goal of creating a healing environment, a unique lighting solution was necessitated. Warm-up lighting was employed throughout to eliminate glare and to provide a soft, even glow throughout the day. White paint on the walls contrasts the warm-toned wooden floors and millwork, as well as the exposed brick on the interior face of the front wall. The balance of warm and cool offers a harmonious environment for this wellness-focused chiropractic clinic.



Mel Willis

Gardner Project Team

Project Administrator

Anna McBroom

Construction Manager

Nathan Gardner

Studio Director

Zack Woods


Jeremy Gardner